GANEO - Guidelines Advisory Network Africa



Guidelines advisory network - GANEO – is a non for profit organization that was established to create an effective and sustainable network for development of evidence-based and contextualized clinical practice guidelines across Africa – we work together with African health professional organizations, NGOs, government to develop reliable, timely, transparent clinical practice guidelines adapted to African context.

Designed to facilitate collaboration, to favor cross disciplinary reasoning in health care research, and to act as the link between clinical research and clinical practice, GANEO accelerates the translation of research findings into innovative and practical applications in Africa.

Our mission

  • To promote better health care for the people in Africa by encouraging physicians and other health care providers to support their clinical practices with best available evidence and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

Impact we seek

  • Making tomorrow’s health care possible today in Africa, by accelerating the translation of best available evidence into practical solutions adapted to African setting,
  • Improving the quality of health care in Africa by driving the flow of people, knowledge and experience across different sectors related to health to facilitate the implementation of research evidences into practice.
  • Providing a forum for a coherent voice on importance of evidence-based medicine and clinical practice guidelines to improve the quality of care in Africa.
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer by providing African health care providers with the opportunity to meet and network with individuals and organisations, in Africa and internationally